Apple iPod Touch Features

The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is a multimedia device that can fit in the palm of your hand.  Part of Apple’s “iDevice” line that includes the iPhone and iPad, the iPod Touch shares many features with both.  While its 3.5 inch screen is small, the Retina display resolution projects crisp text and bright colors.  The iPod has enough storage and speed to surf the Internet while playing music, and some of the apps available can allow it to act a s a mini office in a pinch.  The iOS 5 and the 1GHz processor make the Apple iPod Touch 32GB a quick and snappy handheld.

Product Overview:

Device Size/Weight:  4.4 x 2.3 x 0.28 in/ 3.6 oz
Operating System:  iOS 5
Screen:  3.5 inches/960 x 640 pixels
Memory: 32 GB user available storage
Connections: Bluetooth 2.1, proprietary USB port (docking port); Wi-Fi
Camera(s): 720p HD Video (rear) VGA video (front)
Battery Life in Average Use:  40 hours

Design and Durability

The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is technically not a tablet device, but is in the class of an entertainment device the size of a cell phone.  Slick Apple styling with the highly responsive touch screen, single home button and the chrome, back plating makes it obviously Apple.  The device can handle its fair share of bumps and bangs, but screen protectors and a shock absorbent casing will extend its everyday use.


The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is quick and responds rapidly to finger swipes and pinches without lag.  The iOS 5 and 1GHz rated processor handle what multitasking the iPod can do quite handily.  Usually this consists of running a main app, book or Internet session with the iTunes music player running in the background.  In fact several tests show that the processor does not even run at max speed but only achieves an 850MHz optimum.

Who This Product is Suitable For

The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is primarily designed as a portable multimedia entertainment device but can perform some business and productivity function.  It ships with Apple’s FaceTime application which allows the iPod user to video call other FaceTime users on their Apple devices.  The iPod user does have access to the App Store through iTunes and has access to hundreds of thousands of applications from entertainment to business class.  With Docs to Go or Quick Office Pro, the user can work with office documents and files on the portable device.  Apple’s iCloud and Wi-Fi printer apps solve your storage and printing issues for files.  Games, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and of course, music can all be had through the iPod’s iTunes app.


The Apple iPod Touch 32GB while not a tablet handles some of the same apps as a tablet.  Loading a mix of business and entertainment apps on the device may come in handy if you need to work on the move and are without your primary device.  All the power of an iPhone but without the contract.

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