Why Do You Need A Tablet Cover?

tablet coverThere are many answers to the question why do you need a tablet cover? Protection of the screen is one of the most common reasons for an individual to purchase this item. Other individuals make the investment because they want extra protection if the item is dropped. Individuals also may purchase a cover because they want to be stylish or fashionable. Many people use their tablet for business reasons and can put important notes on the cover so they do not forget about the things they need to do throughout the workday.

A tablet screen is very sensitive. Therefore, an individual needs to protect the screen in every possible way. If the screen is not protected the machine becomes difficult to use. Having a cover can help to protect the unit from unexpected damage. The cover can also be used so that people who are not supposed to see information on the device have to remove it in order to gain access to private information.

If the tablet is dropped, the whole unit can break and shatter. Having a cover is a great way to protect the product from being damaged if it falls out of someone’s hand. If it is in a backpack or other carrying method, the machine will not sustain his most images there is an extra protective coating around it if it is dropped. Protection of the information on the machine is usually a reason people make the choice to purchase a cover for it.

Individuals also may make the decision to buy a tablet cover because they want to be stylish. Younger individuals like to decorate the cover as a way of showing their personality. It is also a good idea to write the name of the owner on the cover along with your contact information so that the item can be returned to them if it is lost.

What New Features Come With iPad 3?

With all of those features, applications, and possibilities you may be ready to head to the Apple store or buy online. Before you make a decision, it’s important to understand what the differences are between the two available iPad models.

ipad-hd-videoHigh-Resolution Retina Display

High resolution retina display means you’re looking at more pixels per inch. More pixels means everything you look at from words to videos will be much clearer, sharper, and ultimately more enjoyable to look at. And if you enjoy online gaming, you’re going to be amazed by the onscreen images.

Both the iPad 2 & 3 offer a protective coating on the screen that reduces fingerprints. Because it’s a touch screen this is a valuable feature over the first generation iPads which had to be wiped down on a regular basis so you could see the screen clearly.

Camera and Video

ipad-with-touch-screen-300x237The iPad of old didn’t have a built in camera. It wasn’t until the iPad 2 was released that a camera was available. The iPad 2 camera offers (720p) up to 30 frames per second with 5x zoom, video and photo tagging over Wi-Fi, and tap to control functionality. This means you literally touch your fingers to the screen to zoom or widen the lens and take a photo.

The iPad 3 ups the ante a bit and offers 5-megapixel with autofocus, tap to focus; face detection in still images; video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio and video stabilization – no more shaky videos! You can also use Apple’s Face Time to video chat with friends and loved ones.

Style, Shape, and Size

It should be noted that the New iPad is a little bit heavier than its predecessor. This is because the retina display takes a bit more oomph in terms of processing speed. To keep your iPad moving at lightning ipad-sideways-image-300x43speed the operating system was kicked up a few notches. This makes the iPad 3 about two ounces, or .11 pounds, heavier than the iPad 2. The Wi-Fi plus cellular version adds another .02 pounds.

It’s about one millimeter thicker too. However, the standard dimensions are the same. Both the iPad 2 & 3 are 9.50 inches tall and 7.31 inches wide. If you are a fan of style you might appreciate that you can buy the New iPad in either white or black. The original iPad and the iPad 2 were only available in black.

Speed and Technology

The iPad 3 offers advanced Bluetooth technology. If you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard, headphones, printers, or other devices you will appreciate this upgrade. The battery life is the same for both available models. However, if you enjoy tons of storage you might appreciate that the iPad 3 offers up to 64GB. The iPad 2 is only available in 16.

And if you want to make sure you have 24/7 internet accessibility and choose the Wi-Fi plus cellular option you’ll be happy to know that the New iPad offers 4G. The iPad 2 is only available with 3G cellular technology.


Ipad mini

What baffles many is that iPad has no specific role to fit in, except maybe to fulfill the desire to look and feel cool. It seems to perform well at many of its functions, even threatening to beat the competition out of their own markets. But not good enough, many suggest.

It’s a good book reader
Depending on who you ask, the reading experience with iPad is either as good as, is better than, or is nowhere near comparable with other eBook reading devices. To many who have not read with Kindle DX before, reading on an iPad is an experience that can soon replace reading of actual books. With some thoughtfulness thrown in to the design and mode of reading on iPad, it is definitely an e-book reader killer. However, for those who have already read with a Kindle, comparisons can be made that may understate iPad a bit.

A Multimedia Player
It is, without the slightest hint of doubt, among the cheapest yet best-performing multimedia player in the market these days. It has superb software that can handle high definition videos as well nearly all forms of audio files, video files, podcasts, TV shows, and music. For the most parts, having all these functions is more than worth for the $499 buyers will have to dole out for the device.

An E-Reading Device
Many have dubbed iPad as the biggest threat to Amazon’s Kindle. Despite Kindle’s dedicated capabilities for e-reading, many Kindle users have already hopped in the iPad bandwagon to switch from the 1.2 pounds eBook reading Kindle DX to 1.5 pounds consolidated multimedia device that can fare as well as Kindle in its function.

Lots Of Apps To Use
Apple’s tagline: ‘there’s an app for that’, is not a marketing hyperbole. It is a reality. As if this selection is not mind-boggling enough, third party apps creators and developers are constantly creating new apps to add to the extensive collection that Apple has. So it is just more apps from here.

History And Evolution Of Tablet Computers

Do you remember when computers were large, cumbersome tools that took up your entire desk? They also seemed to take hours to startup. The very idea of a computer you could fit in your purse, briefcase, or messenger bag seemed unrealistic at best.

Yet today that’s exactly what we have. Tablet computers have revolutionized how we access and utilize information.

What is a Tablet Computer?

A tablet computer is a mobile computer. It is bigger than a smart phone and smaller than a net book or laptop. It’s generally about the size of a hardback book but significantly thinner. In fact, the new iPad weighs less than one and a half pounds. It’s 9.5 inches tall and 7.31 inches wide. And at .37 inches, it’s less than half an inch thick. That’s one small computer.

Tablets often come with built in touch screen capabilities. This means your keyboard is integrated into your screen – lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. You simply touch the letters on the touch screen keyboard to type your emails, documents, or to search online.

You might think that a touch screen keyboard takes a bit of getting used to. It’s actually quite intuitive on a number of tablet models. The iPad touch screen is amazingly easy to use and not much smaller than a traditional keyboard.

Tablets also commonly have built in cameras and/or video capability. And you can use a digital pen or stylus with your tablet to take notes, write documents, and draw. Tablets also come with a whole host of accessories including the often useful Bluetooth or keyboard dock.

Like a traditional desktop or laptop, a tablet computer has an operating system, internet capabilities with Wi-Fi connection, and applications. In fact, there’s not much you cannot do with a tablet that you can’t do with a traditional computer. They’re fully functional compact computers.

What Makes Tablet Computers So Popular?

We’ve become a plugged in society. Experts predict there will be one billion smart phones owned by 2016 and two billion personal computers owned by 2015. And tablet sales are forecasted to reach 118.9 million units in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc.

In short, we love technology and we love to have it with us at all times. Tablets make that possible. Here’s a short list of what you can accomplish with a tablet:

  • Browse the internet from any Wi-Fi enabled location (And if you have a subscription with a cellular company then you can get online just about anywhere.)
  • E-mail
  • Interact on social media sites.
  • Get and stay in touch – Instant messaging, text messaging, video calling, speaker phone or headset capabilities.
  • GPS satellite navigation
  • Photos – Take still shots and digital video. You can even edit them with photo editing applications and share them instantly.
  • Read – download magazines, ebooks, and other digital information.
  • Play games!
  • Watch movies, videos and television.

Stay on top of your finances with bookkeeping, bill paying, and investing applications
That’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Tablets offer infinite functionality and as more and more applications, aka APPs, are developed. An APP is a term used to describe software used on a mobile device or tablet. On your tablet the app isn’t generally saved on your device but rather you access by getting online.

You don’t always need internet connection to utilize an app, for example you can play solitaire on your smart phone without the internet, however applications that do not require an internet connection are usually extremely simple apps without much functionality. One of the biggest drawbacks to most laptops and net books is the battery life. With a tablet you generally have around ten hours of life. You don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or recharging on the go.

What about cost? With average laptops and desk tops running around $500 and up, it’s understandable that many people are switching to tablets. Tablets cost the same, or less, than a laptop or desktop. And they offer more conveniences.

Apple iPod Touch Features

The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is a multimedia device that can fit in the palm of your hand.  Part of Apple’s “iDevice” line that includes the iPhone and iPad, the iPod Touch shares many features with both.  While its 3.5 inch screen is small, the Retina display resolution projects crisp text and bright colors.  The iPod has enough storage and speed to surf the Internet while playing music, and some of the apps available can allow it to act a s a mini office in a pinch.  The iOS 5 and the 1GHz processor make the Apple iPod Touch 32GB a quick and snappy handheld.

Product Overview:

Device Size/Weight:  4.4 x 2.3 x 0.28 in/ 3.6 oz
Operating System:  iOS 5
Screen:  3.5 inches/960 x 640 pixels
Memory: 32 GB user available storage
Connections: Bluetooth 2.1, proprietary USB port (docking port); Wi-Fi
Camera(s): 720p HD Video (rear) VGA video (front)
Battery Life in Average Use:  40 hours

Design and Durability

The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is technically not a tablet device, but is in the class of an entertainment device the size of a cell phone.  Slick Apple styling with the highly responsive touch screen, single home button and the chrome, back plating makes it obviously Apple.  The device can handle its fair share of bumps and bangs, but screen protectors and a shock absorbent casing will extend its everyday use.


The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is quick and responds rapidly to finger swipes and pinches without lag.  The iOS 5 and 1GHz rated processor handle what multitasking the iPod can do quite handily.  Usually this consists of running a main app, book or Internet session with the iTunes music player running in the background.  In fact several tests show that the processor does not even run at max speed but only achieves an 850MHz optimum.

Who This Product is Suitable For

The Apple iPod Touch 32GB is primarily designed as a portable multimedia entertainment device but can perform some business and productivity function.  It ships with Apple’s FaceTime application which allows the iPod user to video call other FaceTime users on their Apple devices.  The iPod user does have access to the App Store through iTunes and has access to hundreds of thousands of applications from entertainment to business class.  With Docs to Go or Quick Office Pro, the user can work with office documents and files on the portable device.  Apple’s iCloud and Wi-Fi printer apps solve your storage and printing issues for files.  Games, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and of course, music can all be had through the iPod’s iTunes app.


The Apple iPod Touch 32GB while not a tablet handles some of the same apps as a tablet.  Loading a mix of business and entertainment apps on the device may come in handy if you need to work on the move and are without your primary device.  All the power of an iPhone but without the contract.

A Brief Overview Of The iPad For Newbies

For the average Joe who have have typical interests in technology, the iPad table is considered an expensive device. Of course the general popularity and hype over the iPad has caused a lot of interest and the typical non-techies will not think about its pros and cons just yet, they will likely want to know what the tablet does, how its used and what’s its for.


Ipad mini

It is actually a super portable mobile computer and is thought to be revolutionary because it offers most of the uses found in laptops and PDAs.

But it is special in its own right because of the ultra portable design. It is just a bit bigger than a netbook and does not come with a keyboard.

The main input device is a multi-touch screen, but users can always buy a keyboard dock for easier typing. It’s also [programmed to be multi-oriented, so the frame can be tilted to use in portrait or landscape views

It’s easy to Tap and Drag two items to display them by just using one’s fingers.

Main Uses Of iPad

The iPad is mainly used for Web browsing, various media, and playing games as well as apps of course. You can also create documents and use it as a book reader as well.

Since it’s powered by thousands of apps it performs at high-speed rate.

Documents, spreadsheets and slide-show presentations can be made using iWork, which is the equivalent of Microsoft Office. And there are tons of entertainment apps to choose from.

The default browser is Safari, which also happens to be created and designed by Apple engineers. Users can also choose Opera as well.

Media is one of the best ways to use this mobile device. The super sharp screen resolution makes images, videos and e-books look great. The audio is excellent as well with an enhanced speaker system.

Internet connectivity is powered by Wi-Fi and 3G. It possesses the highest speed in wireless Internet technology that overrides the speed of the hotspot offered in a specific location. To connect to a 3G network, the user must insert a 3G SIM card from a service provider.

App icons are used to organize the iPad home page display for easy access. The user can choose from his favorites to be displayed for easy access.

Overall this is a very cool device that allows for many different uses. The price tag is high but for those that afford it it’s definitely a winner. In the world of mobile computing it’s something that offers a variety of great benefits.